A large majority of Walker’s Top 1% Recall campaign contributors were not from Wisconsin

While the full information and totals on how much was spent in the June 5 Recall election for the candidates, it was clearly evident that 70% or more of those who donated to the Walker campaign were not from Wisconsin. Not only that, but these well-heeled contributors donated very large donations that make you wonder just what they expected for their “generosity”. Wisconsin multi-billionaire Diane Hendricks, who didn’t pay a single dime in state taxes in 2010, fully expects Walker to continue to attack unions, both public and private, and make Wisconsin a Right-To-Work (For Less) state. She broke the record for any political contribution in a gubernatorial race in Wisconsin.

Thanks to the dedicated work of the non-partisan Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, this list shows who donated to Walker from the highest amount ($500,000) to $10,000, updated to May 21, 2012. Those from outside Wisconsin are highlighted:

Date Contributor City/State Occupation/Employer Amount
4/13/12 Hendricks, Diane M Beloit, WI ABC Supply Company $500,000.00
3/30/12 Adelson, Sheldon Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas Sands $250,000.00
3/16/12 Devos, Richard M Lantana, FL Alticor $250,000.00
4/23/12 Childs, John W Waltham, MA JW Childs Associates $100,000.00
4/23/12 Kern, Patricia E. Waukesha, WI Homemaker $100,000.00
4/23/12 Kern, Robert D. Waukesha, WI Generac $100,000.00
2/1/12 Ryan, Patrick G Winnetka, IL Ryan Specialty Group $100,000.00
3/22/12 Stephens, Warren A. Little Rock, AR Stephens, Inc $100,000.00
4/23/12 Kellner, Ted D. Milwaukee, WI Fiduciary Management, Inc. $90,000.00
1/24/12 Ricketts, J. Joe Bondurant, WY Hugo Enterprises LLC $90,000.00
4/3/12 Bacon, Louis M. New York, NY Moore Capital Management $50,000.00
4/16/12 Bacon, Louis M. New York, NY Moore Capital Management $50,000.00
3/15/12 Hertog, Roger New York, NY Retired $50,000.00
2/13/12 Luddy, Robert L Raleigh, NC Captive Aire $40,000.00
4/4/12 Burke, John J. Fox Point, WI Burke Properties $25,000.00
3/14/12 Callan, James J Fox Point, WI James L. Callan, Inc. $25,000.00
1/31/12 Crow, Margaret Dallas, TX Retired $25,000.00
2/13/12 Dennis, Richard J Chicago, IL Self Employed $25,000.00
3/31/12 Dhein, Jere Green Bay, WI Tosca Ltd. $25,000.00
4/6/12 Druckenmiller, Stanley F. New York, NY Duquesne Family Office $25,000.00
2/6/12 Fedler, Ronald G Dodgeville, WI Gold Leaf Development $25,000.00
3/26/12 Gallun, Edwin A. Hartland, WI Metalcraft of Mayville $25,000.00
2/21/12 Goodnight, James H. Cary, NC SAS Institute Inc. $25,000.00
3/26/12 Hanley, William L. Palm Beach, FL Lexington Mgmt Group $25,000.00
3/12/12 Harris, Robert H Holmdel, NJ Harris Financial Research Consultants $25,000.00
3/15/12 Kuester, Jonathan Watertown, WI Ad03 – Executive $25,000.00
4/5/12 Mack, John J. New York, NY Morgan Stanley $25,000.00
4/3/12 Marcus, Bernard Atlanta, GA Retired $25,000.00
2/10/12 Pope, James A. Raleigh, NC Retired $25,000.00
3/26/12 Shields, J. V. New York, NY Wellington Shields & Co., LLC $25,000.00
3/22/12 Uihlein, Richard E. Lake Forest, IL Uline, Inc. $25,000.00
3/26/12 Wendt, Gary C Fort Lauderdale, FL Deerpath Capital Management, LP $25,000.00
3/14/12 Roehl, Everett G. Marshfield, WI Roehl Management & Consultants $20,000.00
3/1/12 Ziegler, Heather Oconomowoc, WI Homemaker $20,000.00
3/1/12 Ziegler, Stephen J. Oconomowoc, WI InPro Corporation $20,000.00
1/31/12 Schneider, Patricia Green Bay, WI Homemaker $15,000.00
1/24/12 Young, Frederick M. Racine, WI Retired $13,000.00
1/24/12 Young, Sandra Racine, WI Homemaker $13,000.00
4/23/12 Fieler, Sean New York, NY Equinox Partners CP $12,000.00
1/25/12 Anderson, John R. Rockford, IL Anderson Industries $10,000.00
2/21/12 Anderson, Raymond W. Centennial, CO Seakr Eng Inc. $10,000.00
3/26/12 Baum, David S Janesville, WI SSI Technologies $10,000.00
4/17/12 Brauer, Stephen F. Bridgeton, MO Hunter Engineering Company $10,000.00
1/28/12 Cash, Thomas Short Hills, NJ Essex Lake Group LLC $10,000.00
3/15/12 Clark, Elloine M Dallas, TX Retired $10,000.00
3/12/12 Cox, Edward New York, NY NY Republican State Cmte $10,000.00
2/6/12 DeJoria, John Paul Century City, CA John Paul Mitchell Systems $10,000.00
1/31/12 Dobbs, John Memphis, TN Dobbs Management Service $10,000.00
3/15/12 Dobbs, John H. Memphis, TN Dobbs Management $10,000.00
3/1/12 Dubois, Charles C. Oconomowoc, WI Standard Process, Inc. $10,000.00
3/16/12 Friedman, Tully M San Francisco, CA Friedman Fleischer Lowell LLC $10,000.00
2/15/12 Gentine, Louis P. Elkhart Lake, WI Sargento Foods Inc. $10,000.00
2/15/12 Gentine, Michele A Elkhart Lake, WI Homemaker $10,000.00
3/27/12 Gerlach, John Saint Petersburg, FL Retired $10,000.00
2/4/12 Hobbs, Franklin W. New York, NY One Equity Partners $10,000.00
2/18/12 Hume, George San Francisco, CA Basic American Inc $10,000.00
4/17/12 Humphreys, David C. Joplin, MO Tamko Roofing Products $10,000.00
3/1/12 Hutchison, Deanne Windermere, FL Homemaker $10,000.00
3/20/12 Isaac, Paul Larchmont, NY Cardogan Management $10,000.00
3/6/12 James, Virginia Lambertville, NJ Retired $10,000.00
2/22/12 Kapur, Ramesh Plymouth, WI Kapur and Associates $10,000.00
1/25/12 Kasten, G. Frederick Milwaukee, WI Retired $10,000.00
2/6/12 Katz, Cary Las Vegas, NV College Loan Corporation $10,000.00
3/6/12 Kohler, Herbert V. Kohler, WI Kohler Company $10,000.00
3/30/12 Korenvaes, Harlan Dallas, TX Korenvaes Management LLC $10,000.00
3/26/12 Lindemann, Frayda New York, NY Homemaker $10,000.00
2/13/12 Luddy, Robert L Raleigh, NC Captive Aire $10,000.00
2/24/12 Lynas, Robert M. Grand Haven, MI R.A. Miller Industries $10,000.00
4/18/12 Lynch, Barbara B Milwaukee, WI Retired $10,000.00
2/6/12 Madrigrano, Aldo Waukesha, WI WOW Distributing $10,000.00
1/25/12 Matthews, Julia Abilene, TX Self Employed $10,000.00
4/23/12 McKeithan, D.F. F Milwaukee, WI Tamarack Petroleum Company $10,000.00
2/13/12 McNair, Robert C Houston, TX Houston Texans $10,000.00
3/30/12 Michels, Marysue S. Brownsville, WI Rob’s Riverwood Salon & Spa $10,000.00
3/30/12 Michels, Patrick D. Brownsville, WI Michels Corporation $10,000.00
3/5/12 Moore, Noel Chicago, IL Logos Trading Inc $10,000.00
3/28/12 Mullett, Donald H. Menomonee Falls, WI Bradley Corporation $10,000.00
4/23/12 Nicholson, James B Detroit, MI PVS Chemicals, Inc. $10,000.00
4/12/12 Reiman, Roy J. Milwaukee, WI Retired $10,000.00
1/24/12 Ricketts, J. Joe Bondurant, WY Hugo Enterprises LLC $10,000.00
3/26/12 Ricketts, J. Peter Omaha, NE Draxon LLC $10,000.00
3/26/12 Ricketts, J. Peter Omaha, NE Draxon LLC $10,000.00
3/26/12 Ricketts, Todd M. Wilmette, IL RAM Investment $10,000.00
3/26/12 Ricketts, Todd M. Wilmette, IL RAM Investment $10,000.00
2/1/12 Rollins, Kevin Dover, MA Self Employees $10,000.00
3/26/12 Rosenkranz, Robert New York, NY Delphi Financial Group $10,000.00
3/26/12 Sackler, Mortimer D. Stamford, CT Purdue Pharma $10,000.00
3/6/12 Sands, Carla Los Angeles, CA Retired $10,000.00
3/19/12 Schwerin, Warren L Vero Beach, FL Retired $10,000.00
4/9/12 Stephenson, Jim E. Atlanta, GA Yancey Bros Co $10,000.00
4/17/12 Stone, Andrew Burlington, CT HCC Global $10,000.00
4/23/12 Stuart, Alexander D. Lake Forest, IL North Star Investments $10,000.00
4/23/12 Stuart, Robert D. Lake Forest, IL Retired $10,000.00
4/9/12 Templeton, John M. Bryn Mawr, PA Physician $10,000.00
4/19/12 Templeton, Josephine J. Bryn Mawr, PA Retired $10,000.00
4/3/12 Thompson, Jim Dallas, TX Orix Usa $10,000.00
4/11/12 Way, Stephen Houston, TX Slw International $10,000.00
4/4/12 Weiner, Robert Calhoun, GA Constantine/Milliken $10,000.00
3/1/12 Wirtz, Marilyn Q. Winnetka, IL Homemaker $10,000.00
3/19/12 Wisniewski, Thomas P. New Berlin, WI Midwest Nutritional Service $10,000.00
1/31/12 Yontz, Kenneth Oconomowoc, WI Retired $10,000.00
3/1/12 Ziegler, Philip J. Waukesha, WI InPro Corporation $10,000.00

The Koch Brothers and other SuperPacs are not included in this analysis. There are actually a lot of donations to the campaigns that we will never know about, thanks to the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court.