Get an idea who voted for Walker in the Recall election with emails contacting this web site

It’s always amusing seeing some of the emails that get sent via the contact form from delusional half-baked Walker fans who seriously have no idea of what their precious leader has done to Wisconsin. There are some emails from this bunch that were so strange that they were deleted immediately. But there were some that were just too odd and usually used fake email addresses in a drive-by fashion. They were warned that their IP address was recorded. Too bad for them. Here are some of the examples of those who support Walker. Their messages should indicate enough about how they have to grapple with life.

From: Wisconsin resident
Subject: leave
Message Body:
Please get out of Wisconson
You are sad peoples!

From: buster hymen
Subject: yer idiots
Message Body:
you idiots, pinkos ha,ha,ha,ha…

From: Jeff
Subject: Walker
Message Body:
You guys are crazy! Why is it right for the Unions in WI. to be the largest contributor to the Deomcratic party? And yes I beleive in campain contibution reform that stops big business also. Unions are no longer needed do to laws that protect emplyees otherwise the federal employees would have a union. The union has become strong arm mofia type organization and is not appropriete. Please send your time to really help people and start business that menufactures a product and makes real job.

From: paul
Subject: Walker
Message Body:
Hey, you ignorant left wing liberal Walker is doing a lot of good for your left wing state. I think it is time you liberals get a job or move out if you do not like what he is doing. you are one of a million stupid democrats that need to leave our country!

From: Jake
Subject: recall
Message Body:
You guys are trying to destroy the guy who is improving your state. Stop crying and start acting like a normal citizen. He was elected on the principels he acted on.

From: E c
Subject: Recall vote
Message Body:
I live in Tennessee, a right to work state. I work hard everyday just like you do. I to pay a percentage of my healthcare and retirement, so should you. I am paying your selary with my taxes.

From: StrokerMcgurk
Subject: This website
Message Body:
Commie/socialist/liberal web if there ever was one. Go Scott goo. And you might consider these comments ‘out of line’ since they don’t fit your radical left views.

Subject: your not going to win
Message Body:
I am here to tell you that all of you beeding heart liberals that have the mind set that you should’nt have to pay for your benefits just because you work for a Union or the State gess what We the people that live in the real world think other wise proof positive at the polls and that is just the begining of the Re-Election of Gov. Walker, You money suckers will have to pay for your benys NOW!!! It’s about time. I for one am tired of SUPPORTING you leftists, cry on someone elses shoulder my money is staying with me thanks to GOVENOR WALKER. YA!!!!!!!!!!

From: your Mom
Subject: Your website sucks
Message Body:
Get a job and get a life you worthless bum…

From: Rye
Subject: F…..d Up
Message Body:
This site is seriously fucked right up. Why hell do you spend the time and energy to digrade Governor Walker so much. All on all I’m sure he appreciates the publicity. It just proves how much he’s got you by your balls seeing that your spending all your time on him. Obviously you think og him about 20 hours out of the day and I’m sure he thinks of you about 0% of the day. Now who’s the sucker. Seriusly….this is pathetic.

From: charlie Subject: extremist pot calls kettle black
Message Body:
Shame on you for creating a website of this nature, this is as extreme as it gets. I urge you read your about page and take notice of how the claims you make sound like YOU, the writer, KNOW without doubt what is in this state’s best interest, more so than an elected official. And if that is the case, why wouldn’t you just harness all of the energy put in to this site to run for office yourself?
How would you feel if I followed YOU around, watched your every move at your job, dug into every aspect of your past and then released a website like this about you? And then tried to make others feel the same rage about you that I felt? I don’t care what party you belong to please quit playing people’s emotions as an instrument of fuel for your own rage. And before you label me “republican” just because I don’t agree with you just know that my brother is a teacher, my father is a union worker, my family is on the lower half of “lower-middle” class, and I am truly frightened by people who inject THIS MUCH passion into causes like yours, You are just as much and an extremist as the person you slander and much less qualified than an elected state governor to “know what is best” for my state.

From: Rutherford Brunauer
Subject: Scott Walker
Message Body:
Public Unions are a poison that is killing our nation. I’ll b e voting for Scott Walker!!!

From: Fuck unions
Subject: Losers
Message Body:
Whining losers. Scott Walker is working for the taxpayers of Wisconsin. You loosers only want to rape the taxpayers for union gain. Pure greed on your part. This is about power for the union dictaters, not the good for of the taxpayers of Wisconsin. Your “solidarity” reminds me of the Nazis, who were also Socialists. The unions suck and so do the people who run this website.
Fuck all of you losers.

From: Rick
Subject: WALKER WINS!!!!!!!!!
Message Body:
Done deal,
Now take the cut like the rest of the American workforce and stop waisting our taxpayer money. No more exhorbitant retirement packages built on my tax dollar.
The Demoncratic party is over!

From: Paul
Subject: Morons like you
Message Body:
What are you going to do after you lose? I’ll tell you. Have a budget surplus for the first time in how many years???? Bunch of friggin idiots is what you are. Unions had their place in time. Last I checked, this ain’t the 1930’s. Want to know where all the manufacturing jobs went? Overseas. Why? They don’t have to fill the union scum coffers over there. Unions are the biggest destroyer of ANY economy. Do your homework instead of parroting that buffoon Ed (I know NUTTING!) Schulz. Good luck assholes! Yer gonna need it! LMAO

From: Yu R. Gay
Subject: Walker Recal
Message Body:
union pussies; If the union was so great it wouldnt be manditory!!

From: Nope
Subject: Divisiviveness
Message Body:
Just read your views on the result of the recalls and for as much as you claim Gov Walker to be a dividing force, it seems that you have not an ounce of will to work with anyone who doesn’t agree with exactly what you think/feel. WOW. It’s funny that Republicans and conservatives are so often painted as being all the same. Also try not hating people just because they treat you the way you treat them. I’m assuming you must have gone to private schools since it’s just now that the public school system is horribly broken, but did how were you never exposed to ‘The Goldin Rule.’

From: Huck
Subject: Wake up
Message Body:
Sit down and shut up!

From: Chris McRae
Subject: Walkers WIN
Message Body:
Waa,Waa,Waa, dont you get it, we dont want Communist Socialist Union Goons Running any state. Get over it you, lost, loosers, really loosers.

From: Bruce
Subject: RECALL
Message Body:

If there are any more that are worthy of posting here, they’ll be added.