Recall Scott Walker

June 5 Election – Blog Roundup (audio)

This historic day where the people of Wisconsin get a chance to recall Walker and Kleefisch as well as the possibility of recalling four Republican State Senators who were rubberstamping Walker’s extremist agenda is going to be very exciting. People getting out the vote are in record numbers according to the morning reports. Updates will continue as the day progresses.

Here’s where the Democratic Recall candidates will be this evening:

Barrett Campaign Election Night event
Hilton Milwaukee City Center, 509 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee
8 p.m.

Contact: Phil Walzak, Barrett for Wisconsin Communications Director
or Amanda Sherman, Barrett for Wisconsin Press Assistant
(414) 216-3866

Lehman Campaign Election Night event
Racine Labor Center, 2100 Layard Ave., Racine
8 p.m.

Dexter Campaign Election Night watch party
Pizza Plus Eatery, 208 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire
8:30 p.m.
Contact: Ilsa Peterson
(715) 408-4394

Seidel Campaign Election Night event
Labor Temple, 318 S. Third Ave., Wausau
8 p.m.

Compas Campaign election results watch party 6/5/2012
The Keystone Grill, 206 W. Main St., Cambridge
8:30 p.m.

Lori Compas, candidate for Wisconsin’s 13th Senate District, will be gathering with volunteers and supporters to watch election results in the June 5th Election.
Contact: Darryl Teske
(920) 397-9771

The election results will appear in this area. Polls opened at 7AM and close at 8PM.

June 5 – 5:00PM
CNN exit polls just showed 32% union household vote. Final Marquette Poll was 24%. 2010 exits were 26%. That is huge news. Heading to vote now and then some GOTV in final stretch! Video from tonight will be online when possible.

June 5 – 12:00PM

With someone in the Walker camp using a Tom Barrett impersonator making robocalls that recall petition signers need not vote, it appears Karl Rove is in the state. There are also reports of poll watchers in the Walker camp taking pictures of license plates. Very high voter turnout in both Republican and Democratic areas at 2008 levels are being reported, which was about three million people.

John Nichols estimates that Walker will have spent $30 a vote (based on $30 million spent) versus Tom Barrett spending less than a dollar.

The Ed Schultz radio show interviewed Tom Barrett at 12:20PM.

Stand With Scott Walker