May 25-Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett challenges Governor Scott Walker in first Recall Election debate (audio)

The first of two face-to-face debates between Scott Walker and Tom Barrett happened on Friday, May 25 at 8pm in Milwaukee and was sponsored by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association. There were broadcasts throughout Wisconsin and streaming on various TV, internet and radio stations. You can listen to the audio from the debate with responses from Tom Barrett only:


Walker clearly lost the debate and kept using “facts” that PolitiFact had stated were FALSE. Walker continually did not answer questions and stuck to boilerplate talking points conjured up by the Micheal Best Law firm staff. It was pretty obvious that Walker was coached to just keep repeating nonsensical, unproven or deceptive “facts and figures” as if he was on Fox and Friends or CNBC.

Here are listings for the debate, which will be relevant for the second and final debate on May 31:


There are other stations that may be covering the important event.


Chances are that there will be archives on YouTube and

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