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Walker’s failed policies continue to keep Wisconsin in last place with more job losses

Last year, Wisconsin last over 12,500 jobs and was ranked in last place in the United States for such losses under the so-called “leadership” of Scott Walker. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, neighboring states like Michigan (+90,000), Minnesota (+48,000) and Illinois (+40,000) are doing much better, so Walker’s excuse of regional economics is bogus. Despite what the Koch Brothers-funded ads for Walker may lie to the people of Wisconsin as well as what Walker says in puff interviews on Fox News and CNBC, the downward trend continues with recent job numbers being reported:

Total nonfarm employment for the month of March was 2,730,600, compared with 2,735,100 in February, adjusted for seasonality. The state lost 23,900 nonfarm jobs, private and government, since March 2011, when employment totaled 2,754,500.

The construction industry saw the biggest job losses for the month, losing 4,500 jobs.

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This graph shows exactly how Walker’s policies after signing Act 10 (Budget Repair Bill) in March 2011 have been an abject failure.

Walker job numbers
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Walker will continue to say his policies “are working”. It clearly seems like he is living in an alternate reality than the people of Wisconsin. Recalling him couldn’t come sooner.