Walker’s tantrum about trains proves he favors economic treason over Wisconsin jobs

Walker is at it again with wanting to show just how petulant and hypocritical he is regarding his childish actions against providing Wisconsin with jobs and infrastructure improvements with upgraded rail transportation. Proving that economic treason is enough to have him recalled, he is allowing Talgo Inc., who build trains in Milwaukee, to win $160.5 million in a breach-of-contract lawsuit that would cost the state additional $3.2 million in legal fees. If Walker didn’t have his head up his patootie, the state could benefit from many jobs and at least $5.5 million in revenue.

Gov. Scott Walker has signed off on a legislative committee’s refusal to keep planning a new train maintenance base, increasing the chances the state will mothball two brand-new trains on which it has already spent $71.8 million.

Lawmakers learned Tuesday that Walker on Sunday had endorsed last week’s action by the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee, which rejected the administration’s request for $2.5 million to plan a permanent maintenance base. That $55 million to $63 million base is part of the state’s contract with Talgo Inc., the Spanish-owned company that built the trains in Milwaukee.

Walker’s administration said the governor could not have overturned the panel’s vote, while Democrats, Talgo and business leaders kept up their criticism of the move.

The Republican-led panel acted on a 12-4 party-line vote, with Democrats siding with the GOP administration. That was a veto-proof margin, because it takes 11 votes to override the governor. But since then, a Republican lawmaker’s resignation has split control of the Senate and shifted the panel’s makeup to 10 Republicans and six Democrats, suggesting a Walker veto could have been upheld.

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Walker wants to blame his fellow Republicans for doing his bidding. What a baby.