Favoring ideology over reality, Walker proves he doesn’t care about Wisconsin children, families or women

Scott Walker must just be giddy with being able to sign some draconian, puritanical pieces of legislation hatched from his Fitzwalkerstan Cult loyalists and cretins. Which one will he sign first?

Could it be the law repealing the Healthy Youth Act, which would appeal to the theocratic zombies (like himself) overturning requirements that schools offer responsible and age-appropriate human growth and development courses to teach about contraceptives and sex education while using medically accurate information so that Wisconsin kids don’t die of sexually transmitted diseases or accidentally get pregnant?

The “solution” is to only provide faith-based abstinence-only-until-marriage “education” and lie to the students with medically inaccurate information. The solution is to lie to students and ignore reality. Walker is the perfect man to sign that kind of propaganda into law. Studies about “abstinence-only” programs illustrating complete failure may be too much for this college-dropout hayseed.

Walker clearly will ignore the repercussions of repealing the Healthy Youth Act because he’s doing the his usual reckless pay-to-play antics with the multibillion-dollar “abstinence-only” industry tied to the anti-choice industry. We can see the repercussions of Walker trashing the Healthy Youth Act, which would include:

  • Deny teens information about contraceptives to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • Refuse to give teens the skills they need to make responsible decisions about sexual behavior.
  • Require a return to failed abstinence-only until marriage instruction.
  • Gut the definition of “medically accurate”.
  • Remove parents’ right to know if sex education being taught in the classroom.
  • Ban volunteer doctors and nurses from teaching sex education in schools.


Walker apparently will not care about what has already been documented with other states that decided to be sucked into the “abstinence-only” vortex:

  • 45% of high schoolers self-report that they are currently sexually active. Yet only 61% of those teens used a condom during their last sexual counter.
  • According to a 2008 study by the CDC, 1 in 4 young women has an STD.
  • Nearly 6,000 Wisconsin teen girls will get pregnant this year with many of them dropping out of school and onto safety net programs that cost tax payers an estimated $158 million each year.
  • 27% of new HIV infections in Wisconsin are diagnosed in young people ages 15-24.
  • Children born to teen mothers are 9 times more likely to live in poverty. And only 40% of teen moms graduate from high school, compared to 75% of young women who post-pone childbearing to age 20-21.
    (Why it Matters: Teen Pregnancy and Education, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen & Unintended Pregnancy).

Walker is probably just itching to sign into law legislation (SB 92) that prohibits coverage of abortions through health plans sold through exchanges. The law says the government can decide that an abortion cannot be performed with healthcare coverage and invades the doctor-patient relationship.

After all, pencil-pushing, rubberstamping theocratic extremist bureaucrats know what’s good for women than their medically-trained doctors. Walker and the Fitzwalkerstan Cult will bare their teeth like jackals and fly off into a well-rehearsed rage about the government getting into people’s lives. Except when it comes to women and their bodies.

Like the Taliban and Al Qaeda, these extremist Republicans think women are petulant subjects that need to be controlled, shadowed and coerced that they don’t know what’s best for themselves. These charlatans will ballyhoo about freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom to do what you want to do. However, it’s their actions that freedom gets beheaded when it comes to women’s health rights.

Walker will also be perhaps overwhelmed with sadistic joy when he signs into law SB 306, which intends to criminalize medical physicians with a Class I felony (up to $10,000/3.5 years in jail) if they are not physically present at various stages of providing abortion services, like prescribing an abortion pill, or offering other services that are part of the doctor-patient relationship.

Technology has allowed doctors to use web cameras and other ways to contact patients during stages of health care. Now they would have to be in the room with the patient, as if somehow they can talk the patient out of having an abortion. The law “prohibits a person from giving a woman an abortion-inducing drug unless the physician who provided the drug for the woman performs a physical exam on the woman and is physically present in the room when the drug is given to the woman.”

Again, if Walker signs any or all of these extremist pieces of legislation, he is proving he doesn’t care about the health of Wisconsin’s children, women and families and he doesn’t trust them to make responsible decisions on their own. If he signs any or all of these extremist pieces of legislation, he is, as was echoed in the legislative halls, choosing extremist ideology over reality.

Blood will be on his hands. He doesn’t care. He may soon be making oodles of Koch cash in the “private sector” if not making license plates.