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Gogebic Taconite reveals itself as a company that acts like a spoiled child when it can’t get its way

gogebic taconite

It was always a suspicion that Gogebic Taconite only wanted to get their way or would act like a spoiled child that would have a tantrum if anyone dared to amend the environmental impact study sections for the AB426 legislation written by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Although they dangled a golden carrot to some unions at the last minute probably knowing they were leaving anyway, they have decided to make the decision to leave Wisconsin. One can only assume that they also played the unions with job offers like a conman does when he borrows money he never intends to pay back.

The head of a mining company that had been considering opening an iron mine in northern Wisconsin said it is dropping the project after the state Senate failed to pass a bill the company wanted.

Gogebic Taconite president Bill Williams said in a statement released Tuesday that the Senate’s inability to pass the bill easing regulations to speed licensing of a new mine “sends a clear message that Wisconsin will not welcome iron mining.” Williams said the company is ending plans to start the mine near Lake Superior.

Republican senators failed to gain enough support for the bill earlier on Tuesday after one GOP lawmaker joined Democrats in opposition. The bill remains alive, but time is running out as the session ends next week.

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Much like a guest coming to dinner with an entree made out of simmering dog food and battery acid, Gogebic Taconite wanted the legislation rushed through to hide what would have happened if the mining project had begun with the careless legislation.

That because of the fixed location of ferrous mineral deposits in the state, it is probable that mining those deposits will result in adverse impacts to areas of special natural resource interest (ASNRI’s) and to wetlands, including wetlands located within areas of special natural resource interest and that, therefore, the use of wetlands for bulk sampling and mining activities, including the disposal or storage of mining wastes or materials, or the use of other lands for mining activities that would have a significant adverse impact on wetlands, is presumed to be necessary.

AB426 legislation

Gogebic Taconite can move on to another state hoping that Republicans can be bought and communities that care about their environmental future are not capable of forming strong grassroots opposition.

As for more construction jobs lost due to economic treason, Walker threw away thousands of job opportunities and improving Wisconsin’s infrastructure when he rejected $810 million for the rail line project between Madison and Milwaukee. That rail line would have extended throughout the state and into Minnesota if Walker hadn’t also acted like a petulant child. For that reason alone, he should be recalled.

Anyone complaining about jobs lost from the Gogebic Taconite mining project needs to seriously look at how inane Walker was even before he became governor rejecting thousands of jobs in many economic sectors.