Walker calls off Recall Petition challenge whining about an “impossible timeline”

Breitbart and friend
Even though Matt Drudge’s significant other and Tea Party crazed blowhole Andrew Breitbart has been piping up about how they are all over the recall petitions and finding “all kinds of fraud”, apparently they have waved the white flag of surrender after all. It’s hard finding “fraud” where there isn’t any as expected.

Walker and the fellas are giving up on challenging any recall petitions, even though they will probably plan on using that ruse in Koch Brothers-funded eery ads trying to rescue the Resident Eagle Scout.

Gov. Scott Walker will not challenge any of the signatures filed against him because his campaign did not have enough time to review the more than 150,000 pages filed seeking his recall, a spokeswoman said.

Walker faced a deadline today to file challenges after a Dane County judge granted him a 20-day extension beyond the 10 days allotted under state law. Walker also sought an additional two weeks but was turned down.

“We faced an impossible timeline,” said Walker spokeswoman Ciara Matthews.

Matthews declined comment when asked if the campaign would appeal the ruling denying additional time beyond the original extension.

She said the campaign will rely on the GAB to strike fraudulent signatures instead of filing any challenges.

Matthews said recall organizers were given 60 days to collect signatures, twice the time the campaign was given to review them.

“It obviously takes more time to verify signatures than it does to collect them,” she said.

The campaign planned to release a statement this afternoon about its decision.

State Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate responded this morning that the Walker campaign had gathered millions of dollars and thousands of volunteers to look over the signatures in a timeframe already three times longer than the window allowed under state law.

“It’s bordering on the absurd,” Tate said of the campaign’s statement in a conference call with reporters. He added that the campaign’s decision reflects that “they can’t give us one example of a fraudulent signature.”


What’s even funnier is that Walker is whining even more about the costs of recalling him and how it’s taking money away from seniors and children.

Walker told MSNBC’s Willie Geist that the recall effort is “a huge distraction” for himself and Wisconsin state lawmakers. Grassroots organizers turned in more than a million signatures in November to trigger the recall election, which is expected to take place this spring. “I mean, it’s $9 million of taxpayers’ money just to run this,” he said. “Think about the number of kids we could help, think of the number of seniors we could help in our state with $9 million that we didn’t have to waste on this—this frivolous recall election.”

How ironic. In his first budget, Walker slashed public education funding by $800 million to $900 million. Walker and his administration have also sought to cut Medicaid funding, in effect booting more than 50,000 low-income families from the program, better known as BadgerCare Plus. The $9 million price tag for his recall election pales in comparison to the cost-cutting now pinching some of Wisconsin’s students and some of its most vulnerable citizens.


It’s obvious that Walker is now in full circle-jerk mode not remembering all the lies he’s said and is losing track of reality.