American Cancer Society calls Walker turning down $37 million health care exchange funding “backward”

It’s getting down to this. If there was a game show called “Fitzwalkerstan”, Walker would be the champion for always choosing political calculation over making a responsible decision on so many issues. That is why he is being recalled if the current trend continues.

In a recent decision, Walker has decided to drop federal funding called the Early Innovator Grant, which is implementing information technology (IT) infrastructure needed to operate Health Insurance Exchanges, which would provide Wisconsin citizens with more affordable options for their health care:

Starting in 2014, Exchanges will help individuals and small employers shop for, select, and enroll in high-quality, affordable private health plans that fit their individual needs at competitive prices. By providing a place for one-stop shopping, Exchanges will make purchasing health insurance easier and more understandable. Similar to any consumer-based industry such as the airline or banking industries, sophisticated, consumer-friendly IT infrastructure will be critical to the success of the Exchanges. Although Exchanges are not scheduled to launch until 2014, work is already underway to design and implement them across the country. As states prepare, they have requested early funding assistance to develop the right IT, particularly with respect to eligibility and enrollment systems.

All Early Innovator states have committed to assuring that the technology they develop is reusable and transferable. Using the grants, they will develop the building blocks for Exchange IT systems, providing models for how Exchange IT systems can be created. This will help states to establish their Exchanges quickly and efficiently using the models and building blocks created by the Early Innovator states. At the same time, states continue to have the flexibility to develop an Exchange that best meets the needs of their unique health insurance market without having to start from scratch.

Source: US Health and Human Services

Walker’s problem with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, framed by Fox News as “ObamaCare”, is that he has such a bad case of the Obama Derangement Syndrome that he doesn’t bother to read the details:

Section 1311 of the Affordable Care Act provides funding assistance to the States for the planning and establishment of Health Insurance Exchanges (“Exchanges”). The Affordable Care Act provides that each State may elect to establish an Exchange that would: 1) facilitate the purchase of qualified health plans (QHPs); 2) provide for the establishment of a Small Business Health Options Program (“SHOP Exchange”) designed to assist qualified employers in facilitating the enrollment of their employees in QHPs offered in the SHOP Exchange; and 3) meet other requirements specified in the Act.”

Walker is following some other extremist Republican governors that are rejected the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, but it’s not a common trend. Conservative Republican Governor Mary Fallin and fellow Republicans made the responsible decision by accepting the Early Innovator Grant funding. Fallin made this statement regarding accepting the funding:

“After thoroughly reviewing the ‘early innovator’ grant, I am happy to say that the federal assistance we are being offered is consistent with our mission to design and implement an Oklahoma-based health insurance exchange. That exchange will empower consumers and help individuals and small businesses to shop for and enroll in affordable, quality health insurance plans. This is a step in the right direction for Oklahoma and its citizens.”


Walker chooses to serve himself and his political calculations and not serve the interests of the people of Wisconsin. Those that are unable to attain coverage, especially those who need expensive cancer treatment, can thank Walker for not giving a rat’s ass about them. After all, Walker cares about himself and his political career.