Recall Walker Kickoff Rally was a fantastic, peaceful success with crowds in the tens of thousands

November 15, 2011 Walker Recall Kickoff Rally in Madison Capitol Rotunda (Photo:PCM)

Some more video and photos are coming soon once some more petitions are signed.

The rally was very crowded, enthusiastic and peaceful with estimates in the tens of thousands, even while there were many who were also out in neighborhoods across the state getting signatures signed for Recall petitioned for Walker, Kleefisch and four Republican state senators also up for recall. The capitol did have the festive Recall Walker banner on display while many participated in various songs, chants and speeches. It got pretty crowded and there was no damage done while everyone behaved like good citizens expressing their First Amendment freedoms.

Unhinged Pro-Walker supporters showing how classy they are

There were about 30 confused pro-Walker proselytes who seemed bewildered looking for ornery Vicky McKenna, who must have been somnolent dreaming off another hangover. There is some great video coming soon where you can see the sheer ugliness in their hearts. It’s kind of funny in a sad way. They seemed scared and desperate, like the Walker ads playing in various media markets in Wisconsin, paid for by the Koch Brothers, ALEC, Karl Rove and other shady right-wing organizations hiding behind superPACs and for Their Precious.