Labor Day Message: Perfect example how Fox News is at war on American Workers and are pathological liars

Fox News has been very obedient with Murdoch’s War on Workers as well as has Koch Brothers-funded claptrappers on their “news shows” trashing public workers and unions. Labor Notes‘ Mark Brenner seriously blows major holes into the false arguments of Fox News’ Tracy Byrne, the host of “America’s Nightly Scoreboard”, who used Murdochian propaganda without naming any source to propagate that it’s public workers and unions who are to blame for America’s economic woes. Brenner gets to inject some facts before “time runs out” on his interview.

Fox News (and the Wall Street Journal) only discuss one half of the budget ledger when talking about how unions “are costing too much”. Both are owned by Rupert Murdoch, a man who is responsible for hacking into private cell phones and answering machines for rumor-mongering publications.