Walker blames Europe and Obama for private sector jobs leaving Wisconsin

Walker was bragging in June about how his Walker magic was making for more jobs in Wisconsin. Then this jobs report comes out and you can guess what he did. He blames somebody else.

Wisconsin lost 12,500 private-sector jobs last month in the deepest single-month decline since the depths of the 2008-’09 recession, effectively annulling most of the previous month’s gains.

Gov. Scott Walker, who last month credited his administration’s business-friendly policies for big job gains in June, attributed the July job losses to turmoil in the national and international economy as well as to uncertainty created by the state’s special recall elections.

Asked whether he should be held accountable for July’s decline as long as he also wants credit for June’s gain, Walker responded by describing what he called “incredible uncertainty both at the federal level – in terms of the debt ceiling and all the tension of that, and the negative impact that had on the economy – combined with July and August, when you saw the height of the recall commercials. And I think for a lot of employers we talked to, that created a high level of uncertainty, not knowing what was going to come next.”

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It was Walker who jumped the shark when he said that his “policies” were showing that Wisconsin was recovering nicely in June and has a history of taking credit for jobs he didn’t create:

The $625,000 grant covers nearly half of the cost of designing and reconstructing a portion of US 12 and the intersection with Eau Claire County A to improve access to the firm’s expanded facilities. A City of Altoona contribution of $150,000 and an additional $549,167 from DOT repair and rehabilitation funds will cover the costs of the project. The transportation improvement project has a total cost of $1,324,167.

“This project directly creates 125 new jobs and indirectly creates 129 jobs, resulting in $12.6 million in annual wages right here in Wisconsin,” Governor Walker noted.


Walker clearly was taking credit for jobs the Doyle administration put into motion:

In a Dec. 16 news release, the Department of Commerce announced the Doyle administration was awarding Curt Manufacturing $400,000 in tax credits and $11 million in tax-free bonds under a program created by the federal government’s 2009 stimulus package. In addition, state commerce officials said Altoona was receiving a $256,545 grant to upgrade a city road next to the company.

Doyle said the project would create 125 jobs and result in $12.8 million investment to the community.

“I am pleased that we could assist the City of Altoona and Curt Manufacturing in this expansion project,” Doyle said in his release. “It is great to see them work together to increase economic vitality and create jobs in Wisconsin.”


Walker brags about new jobs, mostly minimum-wage temp jobs in the summer tourist industry, as an indication his extremist war on working people is working. But when it’s indicated that private sector jobs are disappearing while public sector jobs are being slashed, he blames Europe and the Obama administration.

We hope Wisconsin doesn’t lose jobs and hope for a swift recovery, unlike the Republicans nationwide and the Murdoch Echo Chamber who would rather have the economy go over the cliff and halt any new jobs programs and initiatives because they love their political party more than their country. They smile when they hear the bad news. The problem with Wisconsin coming out of the economic funk is that we have Walker and his Rubberstampers clearly favoring corporations to either not pay their fair share in taxes to invest in the state as well as be errand boys for those corporations and interests to move their jobs out of the state and out of the country.

If Walker had not done the idiotic move rejecting $810 million in rail projects because he was too stupid to see what would have happened, he would have had a lot of new infrastructure projects hiring lots of people and keeping Wisconsin on track (no pun intended) for the 21st Century.

Walker chose to try to be a Ronald Reagan impersonator who clearly doesn’t care about working people and would rather follow voodoo economics and deregulation that have obviously failed. As the state economy gets worse, Walker’s chances of being recalled greatly increase.