Senate District 12 Tea Party/GOP challenger Kim Simac is trying to hide her past quotes and insanity

There are many reasons why people would think that Tea Party radical Kim Simac, running as challenger in Wisconsin’s Senate District 12, is a little off her rocker. The Simac campaign has tried to cowardly “scrub” the web with all of the wackazoid views she has pouted over the years, but through the magic of the truth, she can’t escape.

Like many of her ilk, she thinks “God” is mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. Of course, it’s not mentioned once*. Like many of her ilk, she mixes up basic civics lessons on The Declaration of Independence with the Constitution. That doesn’t stop her from going into paranoid “poor me” conspiracy theories and “them”.

In Kim’s scattered world view, it’s the same “them” that are “socialists and communists on secret missions to destroy our country”, “going to take away our guns”, “there is no separation of church and state”, “evolution is just a theory”, “climate change is not occurring”, “women should not be allowed to have abortions”, “public schools tare like Nazi indoctrination camps”, and on and on with the same putrid Tinfoil-Hat Black Helicopter Paranoia that she hears and believes tribally from asshats like Glenn Beck, who thinks she’s “hot”.

She’s a liar. For being all for “family values”, she thinks that it’s “one of those quirky American stories” that she swapped husbands.

There are many laughable quotes that Kim Simac has said over the years that put this theocratic extremist, fully fed on a pure diet of Fox News propaganda, firmly entrenched as a circus sideshow act for the Murdoch-Koch Brothers Show. Simac is a freakishly perfect scientific specimen on just how uninformed, misinformed and abjectly clueless Fox News watchers are.

She’s for cutting taxes, especially since she didn’t pay her state income taxes in 2001, 2005, 2006 and 2006.

A Dun & Bradstreet profile estimates that Simac’s family business, the Great Northern Adventure Company, earns approximately $300,000 in annual sales. Yet Wisconsin Department of Revenue records show that Simac paid zero net income tax to the state in 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2008. Records show that in 2000 she paid a total of $4 in net state income taxes. In 2007, her tax bill was a single dollar.

The voters in Senate District 12 need to vote for sanity and experience with Democrat Jim Holperin, or as Kim Simac would think, they would know she’s “stumped at what legislation she is for or against when asked in a recent forum on August 9 (WRJO Radio Eagle River, WI):

“What specific legislation is moving through the Capitol right now that you look forward to – if elected – supporting or challenging?”:

Simac: “Hmm, well, I think that . . . I guess I would have to say that with all of the things that I’ve been looking at, I think you just stumped me. All the things I’ve been looking at for all the last couple months here trying to get up on board as a new candidate, I’ve been trying to stay up with the issues, but I would have to say that I can’t name you a single one right now.”

She’ll probably have a Pity Party that asking what legislation she was for or against is a “gotcha” question sometime soon. After all, the Koch Brothers will deliver some smooth, “down-to-earth” talking points to change the subject and have her to continue to run away from her record.

* If you think “God” is mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, go here and try to find “God” in the Find feature. The site has the full text with all amendments. You’ll get no results. That’s none. Zero.