July 12, 2011-Fitzwalkerstan Cult Members running as Fake Democrats get squashed in Recall Primary

It’s become more than apparent that those Republicans who are loyal, obedient rubber stampers for His Majesty Scott Walker are much like the cult members called “The Heavens Gate” who offered themselves up for The Big Lie.

Like those radicalized, theocratic zombies who thought that the Comet Hale-Bopp was calling for them to take the Great UFO into the Sun, the Fitzwalkerstan Cult seems to think that His Majesty Scott Walker is The One they need to follow down the path where he gets his marching orders from the Great Beyond.  Just pull away the curtain and see it’s the Koch Brothers and their minions.

While the vulgar Fitzwalkerstan Cult seemed to want to carelessly, selfishly and greedily slash away at education funding, worker’s rights, women’s rights, voter’s rights, environmental protection, the working and middle class, the disabled, seniors, children and more, they somehow felt the need to have taxpayers have to pay nearly $500,000 (possibly more) for six sacrificial lambs to act as fake Democratic candidates to run in a primary against six Democrats who electorally squashed them like annoying bugs in statewide races.

State Senate Dist. 14 Dem – Primary 100% of Precincts Reporting
X Fred Clark (D) 14,989 67%
Rol Church (Republican running as fake Democrat) 7,281 33%
State Senate Dist. 2 Dem – Primary 100% of Precincts Reporting
X Nancy Nusbaum 14,200 65%
Otto Junkermann (Republican running as fake Democrat) 7,576 35%
State Senate Dist. 8 Dem – Primary 100% of Precincts Reporting
X Sandra Pasch 20,915 64%
Gladys Huber (Republican running as fake Democrat) 11,660 36%
State Senate Dist. 10 Dem – Primary 100% of Precincts Reporting
X Shelly Moore 17,496 54%
Isaac Weix (Republican running as fake Democrat) 14,990 46%
State Senate Dist. 18 Dem – Primary 100% of Precincts Reporting
X Jessica King 19,562 69%
John Buckstaff (Republican running as fake Democrat) 8,957 31%
State Senate Dist. 32 Dem – Primary 100% of Precincts Reporting
X Jennifer Shilling 25,338 70%
James Smith (Republican running as fake Democrat) 10,664 30%

It’s up to serious moderate Republicans (are there any?) to stand up to the Fitzwalkerstan Cult and their radical factions.  Voters did notice that it’s harder to vote now with the new radical election law signed by Walker, even though a voter did not have to show their Photo ID when asked this time. Previous elections had one line to stand in to vote. Now you have to go in a line to show your photo ID and then get in another line to go vote.  All of this is based on one of the many Fitzwalkerstan Cultist Lies that there is widespread, black helicopter-style voter fraud, even though only 0.003% of voters commit “voter fraud”, as was tirelessly investigated by Charter Fitzwalkerstan Cult Member Attorney General Van Hollen in an expensive, taxpayer-funded circle jerk.

This is Round One. Democrats up for Recall on July 19 should handily win and are not running fake Republicans at taxpayer expense like the Fitzwalkerstan Cult did.

August 9 will be the Recall general election. Look for the Fitzwalkerstan Cult and their outside and out-of-state Koch Brothers-funded forces to throw everything and anything at the people of Wisconsin as they become more afraid and aware that the Walker Agenda is be countered with some sanity.