June 16, 2011-Wisconsin Senate Rubberstampers pass “Budget Repair Bill” while protests increase (audio)

The Fitzwalkerstan Rubberstampers passed the so-called “Budget Repair Bill”, which will thrash away with a vengeance at the poor, the middle class, seniors, children, the disabled, women’s health, the environment and whatever else they can hide like sneaky cowards who have to enter and leave the Capitol building in tunnels like corpulant rats. Millions of dollars will be given to those who purchased them like pimps who demand their obedient whores to pay the money after they do their tricks in dark places. Like obedient whores, they will do whatever their pimp demands.

Innocent people will needlessly die or be abandoned thanks to the Republican efforts to attack the people of Wisconsin.

Knowing that several Republicans WILL be recalled in coming recall elections, they are ramming the Koch Brothers-approved legislation as quickly as they can, much like the Japanese kamikaze pilots flew into American ships in the battles in the Pacific in World War II. The seniors who live in Wisconsin who may have seen those battles will be attacked by Republican policies just like the Japanese attacked them. Veterans in Wisconsin will also be attacked by the Republican agenda as well with bad choices, broken promises and funds will be raided to make it all comfortable for the Walker allies.

Additionally, taxes and fees on the middle class, seniors, children, students, families will be established and bloated while Walker corporate donors and out-of-state special interests will reap their rewards for buying off the Republican Party.

Listen to Sen. Robert Jauch (D-Poplar) talk about the bill and amendments that were shot down by Republicans:

Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) discussed how a health care amendment would save jobs and help the economy:

Sen. Fred Risser (D-Madison) talked about his long career as Senator and the days when Republicans were not so divisive and partisan and asked those Republicans if they had the guts to stand up to Walker’s far-right agenda:

Sen. Mark Miller (D-Monona) gave a final appeal for Republicans to have some common decency before the vote:

The actual vote was protested before the vote was made and you can hear a very frightened Scott Fitzgerald shuddering that there is a “security problem” and demanding that they escape, obviously knowing what he and his minions of Fitzwalkerstan did was shameful:

Meanwhile, there was a big event, aptly named the “Send ‘Em Packing Rally”:

Rally at the Capitol
Thursday, June 16
Noon – Marches begin at Walkerville on Capitol Square
5:30pm – Rally at the Square and State St.

Source (We Are Wisconsin)

Hundreds of Wisconsinites gathered at the Capitol this evening as the Senate voted on the budget, to tell GOP Senators that the people will “Send ‘Em Packing” this summer. The rally comes in the wake of Assembly Republicans passage of the budget late Wednesday night and a lawsuit filed in federal court by a coalition of labor and community groups to enjoin portions of the Supreme Court’s decision to strip workers of their collective bargaining rights.

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