Walkerville Tent City begins while the Walker Regime continues its War on Workers

The showdown again has begun and stripping workers’ rights are also combined with stripping people of their right to express themselves like they could before the Walker Regime began its power grab and marching orders from ALEC, the Koch Brothers and the plutocratic oligarchs at war on the Middle Class:

Capitol police issued a statement Saturday, saying they would not allow signs on sticks, noise makers, duct tape, tents, sleeping bags, and weapons. Officials also said camping was not permitted on Capitol grounds.

The Wisconsin State Journal reported that a city committee on Friday allowed a request to use downtown streets for a protest village starting Saturday night. It sets the stage for a continuous presence by opponents of Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s budget who are expected to erect tents along roads.


Essentially, access to the Capitol is not really allowed for Wisconsin taxpayers and anyone else as it was before February 2011, just months ago.

So bring on the Walkerville Tent City! Here’s the schedule, which will occur until the Fitzwalkerstan Rubberstampers fulfill their duty to attack fellow Wisconsinites for their out-of-state fatcat contributors:

Who: Concerned citizens of Wisconsin
What: ‘Walkerville’ Tent City
Why: Protest Gov. Walker’s poor budget choices which pay back his wealthy political donors at the expense of our children, our families, and our communities
When: June 4, 7:00 pm continuing until budget is passed
Where: The Capitol, top of State St. near Mifflin
Location: The proposed camping area, across the street from the state Capitol, includes: North Carroll Street from State Street to West Washington Avenue; South Carroll between West Washington and Main Street; West Mifflin Street from State Street to Wisconsin Avenue; and East Mifflin Street from Wisconsin Avenue to North Pinckney Street. It also includes the “30 on the Square” cul-de-sac at 30 W. Mifflin St. and the Philosophers’ Stones area between the Wisconsin Historical Museum and Myles Teddywedgers Cornish, 101 State St.

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There is live coverage of what happens:

Join us here for live-coverage of the “Walkerville” protest encampment that will be established on portions of the Capitol Square in Madison as the Wisconsin legislature deliberates over the state budget. Named for Gov. Scott Walker as a nod towards his austerity-driven agenda of broad budget cuts and consolidation of government power, this rolling demonstration is inspired during a short-lived encampment that was established at the height of the protests in March. Walkerville is set to run through the week.

As the camp continues, we’ll be pulling feeds from Twitter about it through discussions about #walkerville. Please use this hashtag to join in the live-blog.

For users with mobile devices, simply download the CoverItLive app and search for “Madison.”

It’s not just teachers, doctors, nurses and other public service workers who are under the attack by Republicans. It’s police and firefighters as well. Just to show how clueless Republicans are, windbags like State Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) echoed the Fitzwalkerstan marching orders by implying that the efforts were to “smooth over” the situation:

Wisconsin’s Republican lawmakers re-opened the fight over collective bargaining rights Friday, proposing new police and firefighters pay more for their health insurance and pension benefits.

The change, approved by the Republican-controlled budget committee on an 11-4 party line vote, would force some police and firefighters to make the same contributions toward their benefits as other public workers under a bill signed by Gov. Scott Walker.

Police and firefighters were exempt from that law, which is now tied up in the courts.

The committee’s proposal would force police and firefighters to pay five-point-eight percent of their pension benefits and 12 percent of their health care costs, just like other public workers.


“So we’re trying to smooth those over and to try to alleviate some of the morale problems that were created with the uneven application of these new policies,” said State Sen. Alberta Darling, R-River Hills.


Mostly, the story the mainstream corporate media will never touch is that it’s out-of-state Beltway invaders that have purchased the Republican Party and are behind all of this and Republicans who still support Walker probably haven’t a clue about what’s happening due to their obsessive habit to cuddle up to the Fox News propaganda machine that feeds them hate, lies, distortions and ignorance. The plutocrats behind the scenes giggle as they fly over Wisconsin on their way to garish, well-heeled champagne soirées and Republican fundraisers at lavish five-star vacation destinations behind well-guarded gates:

Many union leaders point to David and Charles Koch, billionaire brothers well known for their support of conservative causes. Koch Industries, which has extensive operations in Wisconsin, contributed to Walker’s campaign through its political action committee.

Others cite the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC. The conservative group drafts model legislation on myriad issues and offers it to members for use in state legislatures around the country. The group has received financial support from Koch Industries.

“The people who fund and maintain ALEC are people who would support the kinds of things Walker brought to Wisconsin,” said Mary Bell, head of the Wisconsin Education Association Council.


The 6 Republicans (State Senators Rob Cowles, Alberta Darling and Sheila Harsdorf, Randy Hopper, Dan Kapanke and Luther Olsen) surely must know that if they comply with Walker’s agenda, it’s going to be a LOT easier to have them recalled.

Then again, they are sniveling bought-out cowards. They’ll probably just fall in line.

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