May 31, 2011-Kloppenburg congratulates Prosser on Supreme Court results while Republicans are silent on voter fraud

We should assume that the Republicans will not complain loudly about any voter fraud as they had with the initial victory by Kloppenburg. No voter fraud now if the results are “correct”.

Right-wing AM talk-show screechers like Vicki McKenna (real name is Vicki Pyzynski) had her worm-filled burlap sack in a bunch with all manner of tinfoil hat conspiracy theories that would even make Alex Jones blush with embarrassment about how the election was stolen and monkeys were flying out of people’s butts to vote for Kloppenburg. She had a Facebook page with all of her halfwit followers “reporting” on just about everything related to voter fraud. For the record, Roswell was not mentioned. However, when it was perhaps a time to be amused to read some of the “commentary”, the message from her Facebook fantastical paranoia now gets you this message:

That’s right, all that discussion about a rigged election has magically disappeared!

Back to the story, Kloppenburg had to announce a decision today on a possible recount challenge.

“David Prosser has won this election and I congratulate him,” said Kloppenburg, an assistant state attorney general, at a press conference late Tuesday morning.

Kloppenburg had requested the recount and while the state board was at work earlier this month, Kloppenburg wrote in an op-ed in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that the recount had uncovered “significant and widespread errors and anomalies” in the election process.

Though she conceded Tuesday, Kloppenburg called on the board to examine the state’s voting process so that “everyone can have confidence that their votes will be counted.”

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Congratulations to David Prosser on his victory! Let’s see if he acts as a clear-headed judge and not an errand boy for Fitzwalkerstan.

Here was some of the coverage to this very odd Supreme Court race: