May 26, 2011-Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi voids anti-union collective bargaining rights law

His Majesty Walker reacts to the news after the Koch Brothers call telling him they are very disappointed

The Fitzwalkerstan Sock Puppets were handed some disappointing news that they actually have to adhere to laws that the state of Wisconsin has in place that make sense.

The Wisconsin Open Meetings law requires 24 hours notice of any meeting, which can be shortened to two hours if “good cause” was shown.

Unlike what Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald thinks, it’s nor a “separation of powers” issue, which will be decided in June by the Supreme Court. The Fitzwalkerstan Sock Puppets can’t pick and choose laws for their Koch Brothers-funded agenda. His Majesty Scott Walker will also have to play by the rules he was sworn to do when he became governor. While his palace may remain under a police state conditions for his precious underlings and himself until it’s again open to the people after his recall (hopefully before), it is only more obvious that there will be another attempt to jam through anti-union legislation before the second week of June.

Judge Sumi’s temporary restraining order in Ozanne v. Fitzgerald could only be voided if finding the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law is unconstitutional. It’s not whether the law is good or bad, it’s her conservative principles of statutory and constitutional construction that applied the rule of law over over-stepping jackass buffoonery by the Republicans:

A Wisconsin judge on Thursday voided a controversial law restricting the collective bargaining rights of public sector unions, saying Republican lawmakers had illegally rushed through the bill.

Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi said the state’s open meetings law was violated in rushing through the legislation during massive protests at the state Capitol earlier this year.

The Wisconsin proposal, championed by Republican Governor Scott Walker, eliminates most collective bargaining rights for public sector unions and requires them to pay more for pensions and health coverage.

The law has been on hold pending the legal challenge.

Mike Tate, chairman of the state’s Democratic Party which opposed the measure, hailed the ruling. “It should be looked at as an opportunity to work together to find common sense solutions to grow our economy and get our fiscal house in order, not to tear our state apart,” he said.

Walker’s office declined to comment on the ruling, saying “it didn’t involve us” because the ruling concerned an action by the legislature.

Now that Sumi has ruled, the state’s Supreme Court is expected to take up the issue. The recent reelection to the state’s top court of a Republican gives Republican-leaning judges a majority there.

The anti-union measure at the center of the controversy has been the hallmark of Walker’s first five months in office — and was one of the first items on his agenda when he called the legislature into special session after his swearing in.

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We’ll see what the Supreme Court says. We also hear Rockford, Illinois is quite nice this time of year.  We also expect Judge Sumi to get more death threats from the Fox News knuckledraggers.

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