May 25, 2011-Republicans gearing up to attack women’s rights and health care exchanges

The Senate Committee on Public Health, Human Services, and Revenue conducted a Public Hearing on Senate Bill 92 (SB-92) , which prohibits coverage of abortion through health plans sold through exchanges.

Senator Rich Zipperer and Representative Robin Vos, both men who believe that women who are victims of rape and incest need to shut up the hell up and have the damn baby, are leading the charge attacking women’s rights and freedoms to make their own choices in their health. His Majesty Scott Walker is snickering that he will be able to sign this bill too.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), otherwise known to Fox News halfwits as “ObamaCare”, does allow states to opt out of covering the costs of the legal procedure abortion thanks to the hapless Hyde Amendment.

The Wisconsin Senate Committee on Public Health, Human Resources and Revenue held a hearing today on Senate Bill 92, a bill that would ban private insurance companies that provide abortion coverage from participating in future heath care exchanges promised by the Affordable Care Act (recent federal health care reform). The ACLU of Wisconsin was there to testify against the bill because we feel it interferes in women’s private medical decisions by taking away insurance coverage for consumers who need comprehensive reproductive care.


Particularly in these difficult times, while family planning programs face reduced funding for prevention of unplanned pregnancies, the legislature should focus on supporting women and families and not playing politics with women’s health. Politicians should get back to the issues that really matter to Wisconsinites and get out of the way of insurance companies that want to continue covering comprehensive health care for women.

If you oppose SB-92 as an ideologically driven, anti-abortion bill, please contact your state legislators and express your concerns. Find out more about how to contact your legislators on our Take Action page.


Of course, if Senator Rich Zipperer and Representative Robin Vos had a daughter that was raped by an uncle from Illinois or a undocumented worker from Kenya, they would surely allow their daughter to have an abortion. Or would they?

The daughter still has a choice after the horrible experience at this time, but Republicans are surely licking their chops to take that right away.

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