May 21, 2011-Wisconsin GOP Convention show worries about the Recall election and think that protestors smell

Some notable quotes off the wire are:

“For the next two months, you shouldn’t think about any United States Senate seat, you should think about protecting six brave senators and picking up three others…”
– Scott Walker

That means Walker is referring to the six Republican Senators up for Recall and the three Democrats.

Continuing being his oafish, classless self, Scott Fitzgerald surely got some fatcats to chuckle when he chortled:

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been around this many people who weren’t chanting and yelling, sometimes at me….and I also got to tell you, you all smell a lot better too.”
-Scott Fitzgerald

Speaking of the Recall chances, here is a good analysis of three very vulnerable Republicans:

For Democrats seeking to pick up the three seats they need to gain control of the chamber, those most vulnerable beyond Hopper include La Crosse’s Dan Kapanke (32nd District) and Alberta Darling of River Hills (8th District). All three of these members won their most recent elections by very small margins—Hopper by .2%; Kapanke by 2.9%; and Darling by 1%. The other interesting thing to note about them is that they represent three very different parts of the state.

Thus, should Democrats succeed in knocking off these three incumbents, it bodes well for their efforts to achieve state wide success next year and beyond.

Darling represents a district that essentially forms a ring around the northern half of Milwaukee. Overwhelmingly suburban, its northern and western parts (Menomonee Falls, Germantown, and Mequon) are solidly Republican. However, its eastern parts, especially those hugging Lake Michigan just north of Milwaukee (Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Glendale, and Fox Point) have been trending Democratic recently, mirroring the behavior other “inner suburbs” across the country.

Kapanke hails from the far western part of Wisconsin, along the Mississippi River. Centered around the city of La Crosse, he represents a section of Wisconsin with a political tradition rooted in Wisconsin’s Progressive history. Heavily rural, southwestern Wisconsin nonetheless is one of the most consistent contributors of Democratic votes. Not only did Obama do extremely well here, but so did John Kerry and Al Gore.

Hopper’s central Wisconsin district occupies a part of the state that has become increasingly competitive in recent cycles. The main population centers of the distict are Oshkosh and Fond du Lac. Both have a relatively sizable manufacturing base that could produce enough blue collar and union workers to offset the more solidly Republican rural parts of the district. While the 2008 returns would seem to suggest the high water mark of potential Democratic leanings for the district, Obama’s victory in the 18th suggests that in the right circumstances there are enough votes to elect a Democrat.

Washington Examiner

Here’s the list of Senators up for Recall (from GAB):

Committee Name
Date Petitions Filed
Signatures Required
Estimated Number of Signatures
02 Robert Cowles (R) Committee to Recall Cowles April 28, 2011 15,960 26,000
08 Alberta Darling (R) Committee to Recall Darling April 21, 2011 20,343 30,000
10 Sheila Harsdorf (R) Committee to Recall Harsdorf April 19, 2011 15,744 23,000
12 Jim Holperin (D) Jim Holperin Recall Committee April 21, 2011 15,960 23,300
14 Luther Olsen (R) Committee to Recall Olsen April 18, 2011 14,733 24,000
18 Randy Hopper (R) Committee to Recall Hopper April 7, 2011 15,269 22,500
22 Robert Wirch (D) Taxpayers to Recall Robert Wirch April 21, 2011 13,537 18,300
30 Dave Hansen (R) Recall Dave Hansen April 21, 2011 13,852 18,872
32 Dan Kapanke (R) Committee to Recall Kapanke April 1, 2011 15,588 30,000

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