Wisconsin Democrats need to pass legislation stopping Republicans from performing bestiality acts at Capitol

Since the Republicans are poised to pass the Voter ID bill and Walker is ready to sign the legislation based on the absolute lies about voter fraud in Wisconsin, Democrats should get together to pass legislation where Republicans are performing sex acts on Capitol grounds with squirrels, chipmunks and people who simply are walking their dogs.

We need to stop the Republicans from having sex with animals in front of children.

There are thousands of cases where this is occurring, according to stories told by people who told other people. While there is no evidence, it has to be happening. Just ask a squirrel.

Seriously though, the lie about voter fraud continues unabated:

So it was not a surprise when the incoming Senate majority leader, Republican Scott Fitzgerald, told reporters a photo ID bill would be the first introduced in 2011. But a recent Fitzgerald statement in defense of photo ID, made to a Green Bay journalist, was an eyebrow raiser.

A Green Bay Press-Gazette editorial on Dec. 9, 2010 quoted Fitzgerald saying: “We continue to see these isolated incidents of people trying to vote five, six times a day; people voting based on some sort of fraudulent documentation that’s offered…People think it’s important they have open, good, solid, free elections.”

Fitzgerald’s allegation that people are voting up five or six times in one election is one we have not heard before.

Is that really going on?

We turned to Fitzgerald’s office, where spokesman Andrew Welhouse couldn’t cite a specific case. Instead, he said there might be cases in other states. But those cases, an anonymous allegation in Oregon and a claim in Alabama, have not been proved.

As for Wisconsin, Welhouse mentioned the episode in the 2000 presidential election when a Marquette University student claimed he voted four times. But he said Fitzgerald was not necessarily referring to that — though he offered that it’s the “strongest case.”

Finally, Welhouse referenced a Milwaukee Police Department report on the 2004 elections in the city of Milwaukee — an election plagued by vote-count discrepancies, documented by the Journal Sentinel, and allegations of voter-registration fraud.


As Fox News reporters imply with agenda… “some people say….”


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