May 18, 2011-Collection from Wisconsin Senate on Voter ID bill caucus (audio)

This is a collection of audio recordings from the caucus portion of the Wisconsin Senate participating in the caucus regarding the Voter ID bill, which is estimated to cost at least $7 million. The Senate will return Thursday morning for a final vote on the voter ID bill after Dems blocked final passage on a procedural move.

Senator Jon Erpenbach, 27th Senate (D), made a great point about the 28-day waiting period.

In response to Erpenbach, Senator Joe Liebham, 9th District (R), absolutely lied saying there are “thousands of examples of fraud” on the DOJ web site. He is lying. The DOJ has EVIDENCE of voter fraud where a dozen people out of nearly 3 million people committed voter fraud. He is an abject example of the radicals who are determined to take the ability to vote for all eligible voters. He is apparently happy that photo IDs will now be free, which he refuses to say will be done at a cost of millions of dollars. As he says, “most of us already have IDs”. Liebham has also voted against the Indoor Smoking Ban, Emergency Contraception for Sexual Assault Victims, Insurance Coverage for Autism Treatment, Minimum Wage Increase and other radical right-wing antics.

Senator Lena Taylor, 4th Senate District (D), made some very valid points, much to the disagreement of Senator Liebham.

Senator Robert Jauch, 25th District (D), illustrated the absolute disaster that students will face due to the Voter ID bill and puts the Radicals where they deserve to be exposed as… frauds.

Senator Jon Erpenbach, 27th District (D), exposed the absolute insanity that one would not have to show a photo ID if they have a “religious reason” to not show an ID, like the Amish for example.

Senator Robert Jauch, 25th District (D), Senator Mark Miller, 16th District (D), Senator Fred Risser, 26th District (D) and Senator Lena Taylor, 4th Senate District (D), discuss the suppression of votes of students and young people and show how difficult and costly it would be for universities to be able to deal with the hurdles that the Voter ID bill will present. Senator Joe Liebham, 9th District (R), robotically repeated the same answer he has been told to do.

Senator Spencer Coggs, 6th District (D) addressed the issue of the 28 day waiting period and how the “madness” of that stipulation disenfranchises voters.

Senator Frank Lasee, 1st District (R) yelled and exposed his conspirational tendencies about how voter fraud was behind every tree and Senator Jon Erpenbach, 27th District (D), ripped him and all Republicans a new one by demanding where ANY evidence of real voter fraud was. Lasee got spanked.


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