April 27, 2011-Supreme Court Race Recount Begins

It has begin. The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board posted this information:

Statewide Recount Information

The Government Accountability Board has ordered a statewide recount, based on the Kloppenburg campaign’s  request, of votes in the April 5 Wisconsin Supreme Court election. The recount will begin at 9 a.m. Wednesday, April  27, and is anticipated to run through Monday, May 9.

Board staff held a teleconference for County Clerks on Monday, which is archived on Wisconsin Eye.

The Government Accountability Board, represented by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, filed a legal action in Dane County Circuit Court Thursday to establish the ground rules for Optech Eagle tabulating equipment used in the statewide recount of votes in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election.  Attorneys for the G.A.B. and the candidates reached a stipulated agreement to hand-count ballots in parts of 31 counties that use Optech Eagle scanners.

For detailed information about how recounts are conducted in Wisconsin, please consult the Election Recount Procedures Manual.


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