Far Right-Wing radio zombie Vicki “Pyzynski” McKenna shows just how insane some Tea Party twits are

It’s knuckledraggers like skanky lecherous slime Vicki “Pyzynski” McKenna, a frizzle-headed pothole of a woman on Madison’s WIBA-AM, who would have the seminal mental instability to accuse police and firemen in Madison with lies that can only be rivaled with her sweetheart, Sarah Palin.

WTDY 1670AM’s “Sly in the Morning” show Sly invited Jim Palmer from the Wisconsin Professional Police association and Joe Conway from Firefighters local 311 in Madison to address McKenna’s outrageous claims.



It’s nearly impossible to listen to Vicki “Pyzynski” McKenna through an entire show not because of her filthy mouth full of lies, but her screechy nails-on chalkboard voice that can only be described as a slow-motion warning cries of macaque monkeys.