April 21, 2011-Cronyism strikes again with Walker choosing Republican Renee Miller without relevant experience

It’s no surprise that another example of cronyism has been discovered where Governor Walker rejected two deputies in the Marinette County Register of Deeds office who had relevant experience to choose Renee Walker, a longtime Republican who worked on the Walker campaign since 2005, and whose husband, who also worked on his campaign, was the county party treasurer. She was recommended by Rep. John Nygren. She has no experience with land records and vital records, which is exactly what is needed for the position she was appointed to.

MARINETTE, Wis. — Gov. Scott Walker’s appointment to the register of deeds office in Marinette County is being called into question.

Walker picked a Republican campaign worker with no experience in land or vital records to head the office, passing over other candidates with detailed knowledge of the register of deeds position.

Renee Miller began her job as register of deeds Wednesday. Miller has worked on Republican Rep. John Nygren’s campaigns. He was the only person to recommend Miller for the job. In contrast, Chief Deputy Register of Deeds Becky Chasensky had 16 letters of recommendation.

Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie says the governor was advised to appoint Chasensky until it was learned she filed for bankruptcy in 2009. The Journal Sentinel reports one of the three register of deeds employees who applied for the job has transferred to another county job.


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