April 14, 2011-Scott Walker admits that stripping collective bargaining rights “doesn’t save any” money (video)

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) questioned Scott Walker at the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in Washington DC, where Walker was feeling relaxed from his Koch Brothers-sponsored fundraising tour on the East Coast. Walker was so relaxed that he basically admitted he was been lying through his teeth all along about how union-busting and destroying collective bargaining was saving Wisconsin taxpayers money. He admitted that, in his own words, it does not.

KUCINICH: Let me ask you about some of the specific provisions in your proposals to strip collective bargaining rights. First, your proposal would require unions to hold annual votes to continue representing their own members. Can you please explain to me and members of this committee how much money this provision saves for your state budget?

WALKER: That and a number of other provisions we put in because if you’re going to ask, if you’re going to put in place a change like that, we wanted to make sure we protected the workers of our state, so they got value out of that. […]

KUCINICH: Would you answer the question? How much money does it save, Governor?

WALKER: It doesn’t save any. […]

KUCINICH: I want to ask about another one of your proposals. Under your plan you would prohibit paying union member dues from their paychecks. How much money would this provision save your state budget?

WALKER: It would save employees a thousand dollars a year they could use to pay for their pensions and health care contributions.

KUCINICH: Governor, it wouldn’t save anything. [Goes on to present letter from LRF and is denied unanimous request for it to be placed in the public record by Issa]


Kucinich also gave a smackdown to Republican multi-millionaire car thief and car alarm inventor Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa, who refused to have an official Wisconsin government document from being included in the public record. We shall see if the document finally is included.

Look for Walker to go on Koch Brothers spinmeister alert and maybe get a chance for some love from willing Fox So-Called News stooges. “What he meant to say was…” You can bet they are mad he admitted the truth.

1 Comment on "April 14, 2011-Scott Walker admits that stripping collective bargaining rights “doesn’t save any” money (video)"

  1. The State, the country is broke!!!! Some idiots need to accept cutbacks. I own my own business. Government villifies me and will do anything to make like difficult. I have no empathy for unions!

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