April 6, 2011-Walker says Kloppenburg election is not referendum on him and trashes Madison

It’s been obvious that at least part of the reason for Walker turning down thousands of jobs (which many would have been union jobs) and $810 million in stimulus money for a high-speed rail line from Madison to Milwaukee is that Walker can’t stand Madison. Even though he lives in Madison at the Governor’s Mansion, he has grabbed on to the stereotype that Madison is “so different” than the rest of the state.

So, when he commented on how the Supreme Court race results with Kloppenburg overcoming a 25% poll deficit against Prosser to win, he had to “blame” Madison for her victory:

“You have two very different worlds in the state. You’ve got a world driven by Madison, and a world driven by everybody else, the majority out across the state of Wisconsin.”


Wisconsin Radio Network reports on Walker’s ramblings:

Walker’s Madison comment reminds one of how Fox News blowhole Bill O’Reilly inferred that Madison is full of satanic “forces”:

(Note: evil laughter added for effect)