March 30, 2011-Walker Administration is officially “confused” about whether Act 10 is law or not

The Walker administration, through the communication from Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch, is officially “confused” about whether the Act 10 union-busting bill is actually law or not.

Gov. Scott Walker’s administration wasn’t saying Wednesday whether it will continue to implement legislation sharply curbing union bargaining by public employees.

Tuesday, a Dane County judge reiterated that the law has been blocked from being published by Secretary of State Doug La Follette. But Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi didn’t make any finding Tuesday on whether the law went into effect after being published by a separate state agency last week.

Wednesday Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch said that he was “confused” about the judge’s ruling and the legal controversy over whether the law is in effect. Asked whether the state would move forward, Huebsch said he couldn’t say.

“It’s up to the judge,” Huebsch said.

Also Wednesday, Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie said the governor would be releasing a separate plan to balance the state budget in this fiscal year ending June 30.

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It’s not just up to the judge. It’s up to whether the Walker administration cares about the Wisconsin Constitution or not.