Thanks to Walker’s anti-wind farm policies, Green Bay wind farm project is cancelled and jobs lost

More jobs lost and less renewable energy solutions in Wisconsin evaporated thanks to Scott Walker’s lack of leadership and inept energy policies.

Chicago-based Invenergy confirmed that it will no longer pursue the 100-turbine Ledge Wind Energy project.

“After careful consideration, Invenergy will no longer pursue development of the Ledge Wind Energy Center. We value the relationships we’ve formed with community members and landowners, and appreciate their interest and support. But with the recent suspension of PSC Rule 128 contributing to the state’s regulatory uncertainty, we’ve had to reevaluate our planned investments in Wisconsin.

Ours is a business decision in which we could not justify continuing to make significant financial commitments in maintaining the Ledge project while uncertainty persists regarding relevant project regulations.

Invenergy will continue to actively work with industry and state leaders toward creating a regulatory environment conducive to wind development and investment. And we’ll continue to develop other wind projects in the state that do not require as significant an investment during an unstable climate. At the same time, we’ll increase our development efforts outside Wisconsin, in states that offer more regulatory certainty.”



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