March 21, 2011-WI Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen seeks to overturn restraining order on union-busting bill

It was just a matter of time before Van Hollen showed that he’s in bed with Scott Walker and the Koch Brothers and for ignoring the Republicans breaking constitutional law when they illegally passed the union-busting law despite Open Meetings Law. Justice is perhaps on standby until Walker is recalled and Van Hollen is forced to resign due to not doing what he was sworn in to do.

State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen today also asked the Wisconsin Court of Appeals in Madison for permission to file an appeal seeking to overturn the decision by Circuit Court Judge Maryann Sumi, William Cosh, a spokesman for Van Hollen, said in an e-mail. The filing couldn’t immediately be confirmed in court records.

“Contrary to established case law, the trial court injected itself into the legislative process and enjoined a legislative act,” Van Hollen said in a copy of today’s filing provided by Cosh. “There is absolutely no authority for the broad, overreaching step taken.”

Sumi on March 18 granted a temporary restraining order blocking publication of the measure signed into law by Governor Scott Walker on March 11, after a hearing in the state’s capital city, Madison. Publication gives the law full force and effect.

The legislation championed by Walker, a first-term Republican, requires annual recertification votes for union representation and makes voluntary the payment of union dues. It exempts firefighters and police officers.

Organized labor and Democrats called the bill an attack on workers. Opposition sparked almost four weeks of mass protests at the Capitol.

The case is State of Wisconsin Ex Rel. Ozanne v. Fitzgerald, 11cv1244, Dane County, Wisconsin, Circuit Court (Madison).


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The Republicans clearly broke Wisconsin law by not adhering to the Open Meetings Law. Van Hollen clearly is ignoring lawbreakers because he is more concerned with the Koch Brothers’ influence and agenda and the Republican Party.


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