Video: Fired For Her Tweets – Madison Palm Tree Revue (new)

Based on a true story on the Square about a woman who was ratted out by a fellow workmate who was a Republican and fired for what she wrote on Twitter, the new band “Madison Palm Tree Revue” wrote this little catchy tune:

Fired For Her Tweets – Madison Palm Tree Revue

She got home after a long day at work
She’d like to take a train but it was turned down by some jerk
who was on a mission from his own God to destroy the working class
she fired up her laptop and wanted to kick some ass

She logged on to her Twitter account and sent out her frustrations
at how crazy the amount of lies she saw on the tv stations
She had her own opinion on how Republicans were assholes
She made it known who followed her what she thought were their goals

She was fired for her tweets ratted out by someone she knew
I guess she should have been more discreet
She was fired for her tweets for her opinion, she got screwed
And turned in like they do by dictators

The rat who turned her in was a little Fox News fan
If you ever saw him you’d say he’s just half a man
He just couldn’t take someone who wasn’t as dumb as him
As he was, so he ratted her out that’s what you call scum, Jim


All rights reserved Madison Palm Tree Revue (Use with credit)


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  • starz2

    March 21, 2011

    Wow, very sorry for this person, and her familiy, losing her job in this very difficult economy. Is this legal if she wasn’t tweeting at work? Maybe ALCU involvement? Also tweeting employer would be beneficial so we could let them know what we think of their decision to fire someone exercising their freedoms. Do we let “them” get away with this?

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