March 10, 2011-Attorney General Val Hollen’s silence shows Wisconsin is controlled by Koch Brothers religious zealots

If you go to the official Wisconsin Attorney General’s web site, there is NOTHING mentioned about the illegal vote by the Republican Committee to bust unions and prove they are thugs against democratic laws. They are bought-out theocratic swine who don’t respect the Wisconsin Constitution and could give a damn about its laws. Van Hollen’s own words and memo on Open Meetings Law prove without a doubt that what the Republicans had done to strip workers’ rights BROKE THE LAW.

The Attorney General’s complete silence is proof that he is of the same ilk as the corrupt Koch Brothers errand boys who defied democratic procedures and pissed on the American flag and the state of this state.

Van Hollen seems to be utterly silent and obedient like a poodle after it chewed some muddy socks and gets spanked.

Should Van Hollen resign immediately if he doesn’t do his job? You betcha.