March 6, 2011-Anti-Walker protesters outnumber Walker supporters at Koch Brothers’ Walker rally

The turnout at the Koch Brothers-sponsored AEP rally at the Alliant Energy Center was very interesting. There were at least 300 anti-Walker protesters who gladly were outside in the cold and made their voice heard in comparison to about 100 Walker supporters (and that’s being generous) who showed up to see Sam The Scab, aka Joe The Plumber. A plumber not really named Joe who operates without a proper license is the keynote speaker for a rally orchestrated by the Koch Brothers.

The parking lot at the Alliant also had cars from people who were attending a Home Depot event. That turnout was much larger than the Walker gathering.

Protesters who wanted to peacefully come into the building to offer presence of their opinion were told to leave the building. In order to see the Walker event, you HAD to sign a form with your personal information with signature and agree that you were there in support of Governor Walker. If you tried to just fill out the form with a fake signature and not fill out personal information, you were not allowed to attend because it was stated that it was a “private party”.

There were also pro-Walker signs not produced by the Koch Brothers’ “Americans For Prosperity” that were allowed to be carried in, despite the policy that was set by the organization. There is video of security on location telling people with anti-Walker signs that they had to leave the building because their signs were not pro-Walker AEF-produced signage and visual evidence that there were pro-Walker signs not affiliated with AEF on the premises.

Here are some photos:

AEF staff said that over 600 people supporting Walker attended the event. The room where the event occurred would hold only about 200 people.