Walker is losing the PR War with his union-busting antics

Nearly 60% of Wisconsin voters think that Walker is wrong on trying to take away collective bargaining, according to a recent poll by Public Policy. Even non-union households are firmly against Walker’s charade. In terms of a recall, with Walker barely in office for two months, the opinions are split. Two months!

When it comes to broader questions about rights for public employees in Wisconsin the margins are less narrow. 57% of voters think that workers should have the right to collectively bargain for wages, benefits, and working environment rules compared to only 37% who think they shouldn’t have those rights. And 55% of voters think that public employees should have at least the same rights they have now, if not more, compared to only 41% who believe they should have fewer rights.

Key on both of those questions about rights for public employees is that a majority of both union and non-union households stand with the workers on those issues. Union households support collective bargaining by a 70/26 margin, but non-union households do as well by a narrower 51/42 margin. Union households think public employees should have as many or more rights than they do now by a 66/32 spread, but so do non-union households by a 51/45 one.


Right now it looks like it would be a 50/50 proposition. 48% of voters say they would support a recall, while 48% are opposed. That issue’s about as polarized on party lines as it could possibly be- 87% of Democrats support a recall, 90% of Republicans are opposed, and independents split narrowly in favor of it by a 48/46 spread.


The polling mirrors many national polls that favor workers retaining collective bargaining rights and against overstepping, draconian union busting.


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