March 1, 2011-College dropout Walker to announce major cuts in Wisconsin education funding

At 4PM at the Capitol in Madison, Scott Walker will use extra police and security measures to not allow Wisconsinites to have access to the Capitol as he delivers his budget address which features over $1 billion in cuts to overall state aid, mostly in education funding. He’s also going to slash funding for firefighters, the poor, the elderly, nurses, police officers and others.

Walker also issued a 24-hour deadline for the Wisconsin 14 to return to his Chamber and face his wrath that he fully admitted when he got punked by someone impersonating David Koch.

The Koch Brothers will sloppily chortle with lusty joy as their soft-handed errand boy delivers the goods right into their fat laps. Fox News will approve.

It is indeed unprecedented where such security measures will be applied that are actually unconstitutional as would be indicated in the Wisconsin Constitution:

Article One, Section 4:
Right to assemble and petition.

The legislature cannot prohibit an individual from entering the capitol or its
grounds. 59 Atty. Gen. 8.

It’s surely a good possibility that there will be many protestors outside the Capitol that will attempt to make enough noise to have their voices echo in the Capitol halls.


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  • ScottWipes

    March 1, 2011

    More folly within right-wing echo-chamber. More ignorance of the fact that “fired” is more fitting for widespread calls for Walker’s recall–that would be a firing–than it is for the moderate Democrat Doyle’s stepping-down. And defunding education, as Walker is about to do, will make the schools better? That’s why we can’t take seriously rants from people not reading widely enough, people who don’t want to know any better. Fox, Kochs laughing all the way to the bank.

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