Tuesday: Scott Walker Fireside Chat commentary

Watching Walker speaking at the Governor’s Conference Room, here is some commentary:

“The bill isn’t aimed at state workers…”

No? It’s about union busting. It’s firmly aimed at state workers.

Walker makes no mention that the union leadership has offered to talk about cuts. He clearly says that collective bargaining “is broken”. Broken? So that is what you do when something is broken… destroy it?

Walker talks about government spending needing to be under control, yet makes no mention that he gave over $100 million in tax cuts to his Koch Brothers allies that bought him off.

He’s not going to budge. He wants participation, but doesn’t want to sit down and participate in discussions with union leadership.

Walker is George Bush Jr. without the college degree.

“We are talking about our future”, chirps Walker.

That means a future with people making less money, having less benefits, having the elderly given the finger, have the disabled thrown into the ditch, having property values plummet, have a huge brain drain from universities who are told to make less money and cut back on programs, have the biotech community shrug and leave the state because Walker is too bored to understand embryonic stem cell research, have the sick told they are on their own and do the power grab with the attitude it’s college dropout Scott Walker’s way or the highway.

Speaking of highways, Walker will gladly give the road construction lobbyists (see Boycott List) their just paybacks soon while he shrugged and gave up $810 million for a rail system that would have given Wisconsin workers thousands of jobs.

Let’s not forget the War on Women’s Choice. He’s going to try to go after women’s rights as haphazardly as he is on those who work hard.

Let’s not forget the War of the LGBT community. Walker wants to take their rights away too.

Walker is an arrogant clown and a compulsive liar. The only silver lining is that he is doing his best to make sure Barack Obama wins Wisconsin in 2012 and the Republicans who go along with his mission will certainly be thrown out in the street like he wants to do to the poor and the working class.

Some “fireside chat”. It was more like watching a soft-handed snot-nosed, wheezing Koch Brothers errand boy that needs to be fired.

Look for Walker to find the nearest news media camera with determination to parrot his talking points. The guy loves the cameras as long as it’s about him and not the people of Wisconsin.

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  1. The president of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka, stated yesterday that no concessions have been formerly made to Walker- this is all media driven. The unions have not agreed to anything! Early last week this was all about benefits, now collective bargaining- why, because the unions are just looking after themselves (they don’t care if anyone is laid off), and they certaininly don’t want to stop collecting union dues.

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