Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce alerts members that Walker is “adversarial” and needs to stop

This recent email from the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce was sent to members. Clearly, they see the danger and careless tactics that Governor Walker is doing.

Dear GMCC Member:

I know that many of you have grave concerns regarding the issues that are at the forefront in Madison.  I do too.

These are difficult times.  Like the private sector, the state is faced with difficult decisions.   It is a time and an economy that requires everyone to tighten their belts, private sector and public sector alike.

The GMCC supports the work to address the state budget deficit and the efforts toward improving the state’s economy.  That support ends at the adversarial way elected officials are approaching it. Public policy issues of this magnitude should not be rushed through the legislative process. Given this state’s long history of collective bargaining, policy changes of this magnitude should be thoroughly debated for an adequate period of time, in good faith by both sides, with all potential consequences considered.  Currently, that is not happening.

The state budget bill and upcoming legislation are likely to impact greater Madison’s economy.  Please know that your chamber has been and will continue to work hard on the behalf of Madison area businesses and our economy.



Jennifer Alexander, President
Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce

Will Walker listen?

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