So the Tea Party wants to come to Madison… free posters for the rally!

Rumor has it that half-governor and quitter Sarah Palin may find some time to lie through her teeth for the Koch Brothers and Fox Noise funded Tea Party rally in Madison.

She usually asks for at least $100,000 and some goofy bendable straws, so Rupert Murdoch may have to pony up for cash to have the Queen of Victimized Narcissism scream like a blessed banshee.

Dick Armey will perhaps speak before a crowd that will offer great amusement at spotting typos and other tin-foil hat, scab-loving nonsense.

Enjoy this PDF that contains some posters to use for the rally.

1 Comment on "So the Tea Party wants to come to Madison… free posters for the rally!"

  1. You guys rock! I wish the rest of the country had the same spirit as WI, hopefully you are the impetus for us all to get up off the couch of from behind the computer and get out and protest against what has been happening to this once great country.

    PS, I have been saying for years that Palin is nothing but a quitter, who simply gave up because her job got to hot and simply was not smart enough to talk her way out of the crimes she committed. You would think the repugnant republicans tea party morons could come up with a better cannadate that the looser/ quitter Palin.

    Kepp up the great work.

    Mrethiopian .. .

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