Governor Scott Walker may get rid of kindergarten programs for four-year-olds

Imagine a college dropout like Scott Walker at the helm deciding on Wisconsin state education cuts due to value judgments he sees and gets from his loyal coadjutants.

Continue imagining Walker looking to cut the four-year-old kindergarten program, thanks to the austere advice of State Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, who states that the program would add “a devastating $10 million a year bill for state or local taxpayers.”

Grothman not only has disdain for four-year-olds getting a good start with kindergarten, he has been on record being against sexual education classes that includes information about contraception.  He has also stated his anti-gay bias by suggesting that mentioning that some students might be gay in sexual education classes was part of some evil agenda where some students would turn gay on the notion that it’s possible. Grothman has also been at war with the University of Wisconsin over the years over fair pay for teachers and other issues.

Grothman’s antics sound right up Scott Walker’s alley.  His words display his odd disconnect with reality:

“It is important for Governor Walker to make it clear that the days of encouraging four-year-old kindergarten are at an end so local districts can plan accordingly,” Grothman said.


Let’s see just how bad four-year-old kindergarten is:

The Pre-K Now Research Series released a report PDF Document in September 2005, titled: An Economic Analysis of Four-Year-Old Kindergarten in Wisconsin: Returns to the Education System. This paper considers the economic impact to the K-12 education system in the state of Wisconsin and in the district of Milwaukee from expanding provision of four-year-old kindergarten (4K). It finds that in Wisconsin, for every state dollar invested in pre-k, 68 cents would be returned in savings to the education system. In Milwaukee, the benefits are even greater at 76 cents saved for every $1 invested.


Wisconsinites are at the mercy of paranoid extremists and a college dropout in charge to make monumental decisions about children getting a good start with solid education skills.

The short term and long term benefits of promoting a love of learning in a social setting lays the foundation for a successful educational career in 4K programs besides the economic benefits for the state.

Could this concept be too complicated for Scott Walker to grasp?

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