Walker and Van Hollen team up to have Wisconsin taxpayers pay $365 million for petty political lawsuit

Governor-elect Scott Walker and Attorney General J.B Van Hollen are teaming up for a political lawsuit aiming at the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Thanks to their careless antics, Wisconsinites should be prepared to pay $365 million in taxes to pay for a lawsuit that attempts to stop healthcare coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, providing incentives for businesses to provide health care benefits, expanding Medicaid eligibility, subsidizing insurance premiums, medical research and other features that is pejoratively called “Obamacare”.

These theocratic Republican locksteppers plan on trying to take away coverage for the poor, children, those with pre-existing conditions and employers who would like more affordable healthcare coverage for their employees because they have a political grudge.  Because of that short-sightedness, Wisconsin taxpayers, already looking at over $100 million in taxes to pay for Walker’s asinine decision to throw away $810 million  for rail projects, not will have almost $500 million in taxes that get them nothing at all except political chuckles and paybacks.

State Rep. Jon Richards (D-Milwaukee), member of the Joint Committee on Finance and Chair of the Assembly Committee on Health and Health Reform, made a point about the Walker/Van Hollen petty lawsuit:

“That’s just the tip of the iceberg. GOP plans to cut BadgerCare funding or access could violate federal maintenance of effort requirements which could jeopardize Wisconsin’s entire federal payment for Medicaid reimbursement,” Richards said. Wisconsin currently receives over $4.0 billion from the federal government for Medicaid services like BadgerCare.

“Walker and Van Hollen appear to be more interested in lawsuits for political grandstanding than in doing right by Wisconsin patients. The entire state government, including the Attorney General’s office, is tightening its belt. Instead of using the limited attorney time available in the Attorney General’s office to protect health insurance consumers, the Attorney General is burning up attorney time to blow a massive hole in our budget, cost Wisconsin consumers the ability to get health insurance coverage when they need it most, and cost Wisconsin small businesses the ability get health insurance at rates that large firms can negotiate,” Richards said.


Besides thousands of jobs squandered by Walker’s anti-rail charade, now the governor-elect wants to attack those who have pre-existing health conditions and could lose coverage, children who would be covered and those who reached their life-time limit for health insurance coverage.  It would affect BadgerCare, which was designed for Wisconsin children to have access to healthcare as well as those unable to afford coverage.

Walker is on record stating that BadgerCare was supposed to be a temporary plan and should have time limits on coverage after he voted for it.  Of course, he was wrong this it was a temporary plan.

Now Walker is ready to continue to be the worst thing Wisconsin has had to deal with since the embarrassment brought on by Senator Joe McCarthy.

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  • Madison Lib

    January 20, 2011

    Where did the author get the $365 million figure? I cannot confirm that in any sources that I’ve seen, and the figure certainly seems high. $365 million for a lawsuit?

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