With Walker’s coming assault on women’s rights, it is time for Wisconsin women to mobilize

It has been pointed out here about Scott Walker’s backwards intentions that women apparently aren’t smart enough to make personal decisions about their bodies.

As quickly as Walker might slip the words about freedom through his lips, he and his Religious Right crowd are hell-bent on making sure women can’t get counsel and medical procedures.

It doesn’t matter if a Wisconsin daughter of a family were raped at gunpoint.  Walker thinks they have no say as well as if they become pregnant through incest.  Even if the woman’s life is at stake because of a pregnancy, Walker would not want the woman to be able to make a choice.

It is essentially 9th Century Muslim sharia law that Walker favors. He cares even less about women than he does allowing thousands of jobs and millions of dollars to be squandered due to his rail project misjudgment.

So what are Wisconsin women and their supporters to do? Here’s one solution:

Last chance to register for the 2010 Wisconsin Young Women’s Agenda!
Registration is closing this Wednesday and there are only a few more spots available. Register now at: http://2010wywa.eventbrite.com !
Please also note our change of location: the event will be held at 1310 Sterling Hall instead of the Pyle Center


Another great source is Wisconsin Women’s Network or their links page, which has many great resources to be familiar with and participate in.

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