Forget Wisconsin. Illinois can get you to Minnesota.

It turns out that Illinois people may be a lot smarter than Wisconsin people, thanks to the idiots who voted for Scott Walker, a man more willing to look at his superstitious, mystical-laden, Tea Partied cranium as something the people of the state he will govern want.

It turns out that the Midwest can basically avoid going to Wisconsin on their way to Minnesota by going from Chicago to Rockford and then Dubuque before heading to Minneapolis with a rail line where commuters can flip the bird at the Badger State as they happily travel on the high-speed train:

Steve Ernst, executive director of the Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Planning, said the $810 million Wisconsin project that Gov.-elect Scott Walker pledged to kill if elected is part of a broader plan to link Chicago and Minneapolis with high-speed rail.

Ernst says if Walker pulls Wisconsin, a route from Chicago to Dubuque, Iowa, to Minneapolis becomes more attractive.

“We would love to be in a position to be an alternate route, and to be in a position for true high-speed rail,” Ernst said.


All Walker has to do to help Illinois is to give up $810 million dollars that is paid for, hand over to Illinois thousands of new jobs and make Wisconsin tax payers pay for his selfish, oafish decision to screw over the people of Wisconsin for his extremist base.

After all, it’s only thousands of jobs, millions of dollars the state is entitled to use and a nice big tax bill for Wisconsin taxpayers to pay for.  It might even put Wisconsin on the map as something more than a backwater, flyover state run by the American Taliban.

Right, Scott?

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