Unions fighting back against Walker’s so-called “right-to-work” law

Wisconsin Rally Against Right To Work-Feb 25 2015

Using his Divide-and-Conquer tactics to sign so-called “right-to-work” legislation that allows private-sector workers from being required to join a union or pay dues, even when union contracts have been set, Scott Walker has essentially attacked private businesses and how they operate with their contractors. Wisconsin is now the 25th stateRead the full story »

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Comparing Unions and Protestors to ISIS, Walker proves he’s ready to be as extreme as the GOP wants


Scott Walker has confounded many of those who have followed his government worker career over twenty years, but his comments at the always entertaining (on the creepy side) 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) stepped beyond what many considered not only incredibly insulting, but actually dangerous considering he was comparingRead the full story »

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Scott Walker aims for the GOP Presidential Anti-Intellectual Sweet Spot with Wisconsin Budget


With his continuously obedient, obsessive efforts to appease the Koch Brothers’-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)‘s agenda and turn Wisconsin into an Oligarchical Kleptocracy with some theocratic trimmings, Scott Walker’s “bold and fresh” ideas are nothing more than obediently paying homage to Republican anti-intellectual principles that coincidentally seem to meshRead the full story »

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Walker caught in lie about wanting to gut University of Wisconsin’s mission statement mentioning “the search for truth”


Self-obsessed career politician Scott Walker is very, very focused on running for President in 2016.  Polling shows him leading in Iowa and many in the national press, who obviously have not done due journalistic diligence, call him a “successful”, viable governor.  Not being concerned by ironic details like how Walker’sRead the full story »

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Walker supporters against right-to-work should expect “Divide And Conquer” betrayal

walker snivel

There will be a lot on Walker’s plate as he tries to navigate through the obvious political ambition to run for President in 2016 as he starts his second term. He’ll attempt to spin that being a college dropout is actually an appealing feature of anti-intellectualism cementing the Republican partyRead the full story »

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Walker’s future running for President can be summed up with “Thank you again, and Molotov.”


Scott Walker, who said he wouldn’t run for President while suggesting that he would, is running for President. Now the rest of the nation can find out just how much of a manipulative con-man Walker is as he does his well-rehearsed schtick to complying Fox News Murdoch Bots that appearRead the full story »

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Walker may have won, but Solidarity against his Overseers will withstand


It’s tragic that so many voters in Wisconsin’s rural communities supported Scott Walker for Governor. It’s a classic example of voting against one’s own interests based on somehow thinking that if you vote Republican, some of the oligarch’s wealth will magically rub off on you. Or worse, you think thatRead the full story »

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Morning Thoughts on Election Day: Promise or Peril Not Yet Revealed


It’s finally Election Day, November 4, 2014. It’s been exactly four years since this web site started. It was mostly due to the fact that Scott Walker was intent on throwing away $810 million dollars that was Wisconsin taxpayer money out the window for a high-speed rail line connecting theRead the full story »

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Walker trying to escape Legislative Fiscal Bureau reporting structural deficit for 2015-17 to $1.8 billion


Governor Walker is doing all he can to distract and deny that his failed policies, austerity measures and shell game antics while serving as one of the most divisive governors in the country with news that Wisconsin now faces disastrous deficits in the next years, thanks to the non-partisan LegislativeRead the full story »

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Walker’s outsourcing clownshow attacks on Mary Burke and Trek Bicycles fall flat


Scott Walker is starting to get desperate now that a recent Marquette University poll shows the race for Wisconsin governor is in a dead heat with Mary Burke leading Walker, 47% to 46% with likely voters. Last May, Walker led Burke by 48% to 45% with likely voters. Since WalkerRead the full story »

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Karl Rove’s friend Scott Walker “John Doe II” investigation expands as national media pays attention


It’s been a roller coaster ride with twists and turns regarding the John Doe II investigation, where recent documents have been released that imply that Walker was involved in a “criminal scheme” with not only Koch Brothers-funded groups like Americans For Prosperity and Club For Growth, but also with KarlRead the full story »

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New York Times and Time Magazine attempt to find out if Walker has presidential dreams


Scott Walker has been given many free passes regarding his failed governorship from the conservative media, whether it was loyal Murdoch messengers on Fox News or Republican lapdog Joe Scarbourough asking lofty sports puff question talk on MSNBC. Perhaps not many people know about how Scott Walker was arresting peopleRead the full story »

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Walker gets ALEC-bought Republicans for voter suppression laws in time for re-election

Voting extremists

Voter disenfranchisement has been one of many targets from the Koch Brothers-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). In 2009, ALEC members gathered to draft voter ID and voter suppression bills and those documents were dispersed to ALEC-owned legislators nationally, including Alabama, Minnesota, Montana, North Carolina and Wisconsin. Update: In theRead the full story »

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Court releases thousands of emails, documents in John Doe investigation despite Walker fighting against it


Although the usual suspects in the Walker administration and the Republicans defending his dismal record will blame Democratic gubernatorial challenger Mary Burke for the release of documents, Court of Appeals Judge Patricia Curley ordered the release of over 27,000 emails and 434 pages of documents of Walker’s deputy chief ofRead the full story »

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Walker’s predictable regurgitation of deception continues with his State of the State flim-flam show


Governor Walker stated in his 2014 State of the State address that “the days of double-digit tax increases, billion-dollar deficits, and major job loss are gone”. Of course, he’s completely lying on all three points, which is to be expected from someone more interested in his 2016 presidential aspirations thanRead the full story »

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